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M-O Federal Credit Union offers FREE Checking.  M-O FCU does NOT charge you for having a checking account.  What you CAN expect from our checking accounts are:

* When using an Advantage ATM (see
** Must sign up for Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Checking Rates

View M-O Federal Credit Union Checking Rates

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ATM/Debit Cards

M-O's VISA ATM/Debit Card provides you all the acceptance of credit cards without slowing you down for check approval. Purchase anything anywhere you see the VISA logo and the money will be electronically deducted from your checking account. Our Check Card offers the added convenience of being an ATM card. An Advantage ATM Card is also available to our members that don't have a checking account, but want access to their savings account. Both cards can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs coast to coast and around the world.

You can get cash back from your M-O Debit Card for FREE:

STOP paying a fee at the ATM each time you need cash! If you are traveling this summer, knowing where to find an Advantage ATM that won’t charge you a fee might be something worth looking into. Visit and click on ATM Finder at the top of the page (or click on the direct link provided here). This allows you to search by city and/or state to find an Advantage ATM that is free for your use. It not only gives you the address of the ATM, but a map as well.

Also, as a debit card holder you can get cash back while making a purchase - eliminating the hassle of trying to find an ATM. Next time you use your debit card for a purchase, make sure you use the “Debit” option. Entering your PIN allows you to get cash back without paying a fee. After entering your PIN you can choose the amount you would like back, often up to $100. So STOP making an extra trip to get cash and STOP paying a fee at the ATM…

If you do not intend to get cash back, the preferred method is a credit transaction, which requires your signature vs. PIN.

(877) 219-4344 - to activate your card or change your PIN

(800) 236-2442 - to report your card lost or stolen

Advantage Network

Debit Card Appication

Debit Card Opt-In Form

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ATM Locator

If you have an Advantage ATM/Debit card from M-O FCU and you are looking to get cash, but don’t want to pay a fee at the ATM then use the link provided here. Using an Advantage ATM ensures you will not be charged for a cash withdrawal. This allows you to search by city and/or state to find an Advantage ATM that is free for your use. It not only gives you the address of the ATM, but a map as well.

Advantage Network

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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection (ODP) is coverage on your share draft (checking) account in the event your account is overdrawn. It is a loan that is issued to cover your purchases that keeps you from being charged any overdraft or transfer fees. Funds are advanced in $50 increments up to your approved overdraft limit ($1,000 maximum)*. You are able to transfer funds from your Overdraft Protection into your checking or savings account. In other words, if you have an automatic payment, purchase, etc. that you expect to come out of your account but you do not have the funds to cover that item, you can transfer funds from your ODP (providing you have available funds). If the system transfers funds from your ODP to cover items clearing your account it will only transfer in $50 increments. However, if you have E*Teller access you will be able to transfer any dollar amount, up to the available limit. Payments of $30 are automatically withdrawn from your checking account on the 15th of each month. If you do not have overdraft protection and would like to sign up for it, contact any M-O employee for an application. * Additional overdrafts will be subject to M-O FCU’s overdraft policy.

Overdraft Protection Form

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Reorder Checks

M-O FCU members are able to order checks in many different ways. You can drop off or mail in your check reorder sheet that comes with your checks, stop by either location, call in, or order online yourself. To look at the design of checks before you order through us. (Labeled “Check Designs”) If you would like to order online yourself you can visit the link below to reorder. (Labeled “Reorder Yourself)

Reorder Yourself

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