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Online Services

M-O Federal Credit Union has a host of online financial services available to our members!  Browse all the great features we offer at no cost to you!

Online E*Teller Access

person's hands working on computerWith E*Teller access you are able to access your account and make transactions 24/7 from home, work, school, while traveling, etc..  If you would like online account access contact us to get signed up today!  It is completely free for our members.  Many of the services you have come to appreciate at the physical credit union location are available online:



  • Check Your Balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Apply for a Loan
  • View Account Activity
  • Receive E*Statements
  • Use Free Bill Pay Click here for more information


For best functionality we recommend using the following E*Teller Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari for MacOS

We do not support and/or guarantee the reliable functionality of any other browsers or versions such as Internet Explorer.  If you are having issues logging into E*Teller with a supported browser we highly recommend clearing out your cookies, deleting the browsing history, and/or turning off pop-up blocker. 

Mobile Banking

 Mobile Banking is similar to E*Teller, but gives you full account access in the palm of your hand.  Simply download our free Mobile Banking app and gain access to your account information anytime you want - all you need is your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

If you already have E*Teller access, getting started with Mobile Banking is easy!  All you need to do is download the free M-O FCU Mobile Banking app.  The user ID and password you use to access E*Teller will be the same information for accessing our Mobile Banking.  If you don't already have online E*Teller access call (605) 353-9977 to get signed up today.

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit lets you easily deposit checks 24/7 wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you.  Simply using the camera on your mobile device you can make deposits - right from our free Mobile Banking app.

  • SECURE your check by writing "for mobile deposit only at M-O FCU" and your signature
  • SNAP a picture with mobile device or tablet - the app provides step-by-step instructions
  • SUBMIT for deposit - it's that easy! 

example of check endorsementWhen submitting a check for mobile deposit the endorsement on the back MUST include ALL of the items listed in this graphic.  Due to this regulation, any incomplete endorsements will be rejected. 

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a free, quick and easy tool for you to pay your bills online in the convenience of your own home, while traveling, away at school, or anywhere you have access to internet.  You can send money to companies to pay bills, or to individuals for rent, daycare, etc.  Once you have added a payee, you can set up the payments to be the same or different amount each month, pick the time of the month the bill is paid, set up reminders so you don't forget to make a payment, and more.  Bill Pay is not only great for your regular monthly payments, but also something that only comes up once or twice a year that requires paying.

Online E*Teller access is required to utilize Bill Pay.  It is a single sign-on, which means once you are logged into your E*Teller online access you are automatically logged into Bill Pay as well.  Bill Pay is also available over the Mobile Banking app. with all of the same features, but new payees must be added through E*Teller.


E*Statements, which stands for Electronic Statements, is an alternative to receiving a paper statement delivered through the mail.  It allows you to receive your statement on the 1st of the month, instead of waiting for mail delivery.  E*Statements are free and are very user-friendly, since you won't have to worry about storing paper statements.  Call (605) 353-9977 today if you would like to get signed up.

If you have E*Statements, but find yourself in need of a paper statement, you have the ability to view and print out monthly statements.  E*Teller access, and either a valid email address or cell phone number that receives text messages, is required to receive E*Statements.


Certificate renewal notices, overdraft notices, share transfers, and overdraft protection advances are all delivered via text or email; we no longer mail paper notices.  Please make sure we have a valid cell phone number or email address on file and that you have an active E*Teller account.    * E*Teller Account access is required to utilize this service.

E*Teller Alerts

E*Teller Alerts are an easy way to keep control of your account when you're on the go.  Alerts include:

  • Loan Payment Alerts - whether you have 1 loan or 6, you will never forget to make a payment if you set up an alert
  • Transaction Alerts - this can be utilized in a variety of ways, for example, if you don't withdraw from your savings very often and want to know anytime there is a withdrawal; or if you want to know anytime a purchase for more than $500 comes from your checking.
  • Balance Alerts - send yourself a balance update as often as you'd like...daily, bi-weekly, weekly, etc.
  • Low Balance Alerts - get notified when the funds in your account go below a certain dollar amount
  • Event Alerts - login attempts, password changes, email address change
  • Personal Alerts - completely unique to your needs!  Remind yourself to transfer funds into your child's account for their weekly allowance, to get cash for the trip you're taking next month, or any variety of reminders. 

Alerts can be sent via text message or email.  E*Teller access is required for these alerts.  Simply log into your E*Teller account and click on M*Teller to get started. 

Transaction Alerts

Credit Cards - Alerts can be sent via text or email and include when payments are due, when statements are available to view, when balances / transactions exceed a particular dollar amount, and more!  Visit www.EZCardInfo.com to activate these alerts.

Travel Cards - Sign up for online access at www.CUMoney.com.  You will be able to sign up to receive transaction information, check balances, change your PIN, reload the card, and more.

ATM / Debit Cards - These are known as Visa Purchase Alerts and are delivered via email.  If you would like to register to receive these alerts you must do so at www.Visa.com, or via the Visa app.  There you can set up your own alert preferences for transactions such as amount thresholds, international transactions, card not present transactions, etc.


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