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Miscellaneous Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are individually secured metal boxes within a large safe.  They are generally used to store valuable possessions, important documents, photos, etc. that need protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering, etc.  

We offer Safe Deposit Boxes at our 18th & Dakota location and are available in two different sizes.  The small ones are 3" high by 10" wide, the large ones are 5" high by 10" wide, and both boxes are 21" in depth.  

* Visit our  fees page to see what the cost is for each of the different sized boxes.

Money Orders

Personal Money Orders are a form of guaranteed funds that can be purchased for any dollar amount, and they are widely accepted.  As the name suggests, these are personally signed by you, the person purchasing the Money Order.  Once requested, funds are immediately taken from your account. 

Cashier's Checks

Cashier's checks are a form of guaranteed funds and signed by the Credit Union teller.  The funds are taken from your account immediately.  These can be purchased for any dollar amount with cash or funds from your account.

Counter Checks

Counter checks are blank checks that debit funds from your checking account very similar to writing a personal check from your account.  These are often used if you rarely use checks and only need a couple, if your account is new and you request a couple checks to get you started, or if you run out of your personal check blanks and need a few until you receive your order. 

M-O FCU Checks

Our M-O FCU checks, or teller's checks, are a great solution if you aren't in need of a specialty check, such as a cashier's check or money order.  If you make the check out to yourself, or another owner on the account, there is no fee for this type of check.


* Any of the above checks can be purchased from either M-O FCU location.  Visit our  fees page to view the fees associated with each of these types of checks.  If you would like information on ordering personal checks, visit the 'Order Checks' section on the  Checking page.

Notary Services

A Notary Public (or Notary or Public Notary) is a public officer appointed by the state government to serve the public as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents.  These documents may include:  estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney, and other official business.  We provide this service free of charge to our members.

Signature Services

In addition to notarizing documents for our members, we also serve as witnesses for documents that require witnesses rather than a notary.  There is also no charge for this service.


It is very important that you DO NOT sign your documents until you are in front of the Notary Public or witnesses.  It is also a good idea to bring your driver's license or other photo identification with you for verification purposes.

Money Gift Envelopes

Our Gift Envelopes are the perfect solution to make giving cash or checks easy, and they are available in 3 different designs!  They work well for gift cards, gift certificates, movie passes, and other small items too!  (Also, don't forget M-O FCU sells Visa gift cards throughout the year for your gift giving convenience).  


  • M-O Federal Credit Union Scholarships - We award two $500 scholarships to our members, who will be going to attend, or currently attending, an accredited university, college or technical institute. 
  • Credit Union Foundation Scholarships - The Credit Union Foundation of the Dakota's offers ten scholarships at $500 each.  Applicants must be a member of either a North Dakota or South Dakota credit union.

* for more scholarship information, or for an application, visit our  Forms & Applications page

Movie Tickets

We offer our members discount movie tickets to attend any movie at the Huron, Mitchell, or Dell Rapids movie theaters, which is usually at least a $2 per ticket discount.  There is a however a $2.50 surcharge that applies to all 3D movie showings, above the price of the ticket.  These tickets are available at both locations.

Mini Golf Passes

We have discount mini golf passes available for Putters & Scoops at Ravine Lake in Huron.  You save $1.00 per round of mini golf with these passes.  Since Putters & Scoops is only open during the summer months these tickets are only available during the summer months as well. 

Postage Stamps

For your convenience we sell postage stamps at both of our locations.  You can purchase them with cash, or we can take the funds directly from your savings or checking account.  During the year we only keep the American Flag design on hand, however, we usually have a couple different designs to pick from around the Holiday Season.


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