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Certificates of Deposit

In addition to a savings account, M-O Federal Credit Union also offers a variety of certificates of deposit for both short-term and long-term investments.

Share Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit may be a great option if you want to earn additional interest and won't need to access the funds in the near future.  A Certificate of Deposit is a savings certificate with a fixed maturity date that earns interest at a fixed rate, and can be issued in any denomination, at or above the minimum $1,000 investment requirement.  The interest rate is usually higher than a regular share (savings) account, because the money cannot be withdrawn until the maturity date has been reached or a substantial penalty will be imposed.  Share certificate terms of less then one year:  the penalty is 180 day's dividends, whether paid or not.  The interest rate of the certificate is reduced to the current share dividend rate for any days in excess of 180 days until date of redemption.  Share certificate terms of one year or more:  the early withdrawal penalty is 365 day's dividends, whether paid or not.  The interest of the certificate is reduced to the current share dividend rate for any days in excess of 365 days until date of redemption.  The penalty doesn't apply to early withdrawal due to death of an owner. 

Automatic Renewal:  All of our Certificates of Deposit automatically renew, which means you don't have to contact the Credit Union every time you have a certificate coming due.  The certificate(s) will be renewed for the same term they were originally taken out for.  For example, if you take out a 12 month certificate, upon maturity the certificate will renew for another 12 months.  The rate of the renewed certificate will be whatever the rate is on the date of renewal, so if rates have gone up since you first took out the certificate, your certificate rate will go up too!  However, if you need the funds in the certificate and wish not to renew the certificate, just let us know.  You can do this anytime before the certificate renews, or up to 10 days after the renewal date.

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IRA Certificate of Deposit

Money you have in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be invested in an IRA Certificate of Deposit.  You must have an IRA Share Account in order to invest in and IRA Certificate.  The minimum investment requirement is $1,000.  All IRA Certificates of Deposit have a length of 12 months or 24 months. 

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Youth Certificate of Deposit

mother and child with piggy bankOur Youth Certificates are very similar to our Share Certificates by earning the same interest rates for the term picked, but have a minimum balance of $250.  This lower minimum helps our younger members start healthy saving habits early on.  Any M-O FCU member age 18 or under can open a Youth Certificate.  

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